Ceramic Floor

Ceramic Tiles are greatly versatile in floor coverings and come in a wide of shape, size, colour and style. Ceramic tiles are stylish, cost-effective, wall and floor option.

Ceramic Wall
Ceramic are most commonly used in wall tiles as they are greatly versatile and have large variety of designs, shapes, sizes and style. Ceramics tiles are easier to cut and handle. They are finished with a durable glaze which creates colour, pattern and are easy maintenance.

Porcelain Floor
Porcelain tiles are very popular. Fired at very high temperatures, Porcelain is denser then Ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles offer a superior chip resistance.

Porcelain Walls

Ceramics tiles are most common on walls, however it is becoming extremely popular to have the same Porcelain floor tile on the walls using different sizing.

Natural Stone Floor Tiles
Natural Stone conveys a sense of style and elegance. No two pieces of stone are the same. Natural stone is available in both tiles and powers they can be processed and shaped into various forms, sizes and finishers. All natural stone can be used indoor and outdoor. All natural stone should be sealed.

Natural Stone Wall Tiles
Natural stone is a strong and versatile product. Care is needed when fixing onto the wall.


Travertine tiles are known for their strength and unique appearance. Travertine is one of the oldest stones used throughout history. Travertine has high density and hardness. Travertine has 4 major finishers polished, honed, brushers and tumbled.

Marble Tiles
Marble adds elegance and style.

Sandstone Tiles
Sandstone Tiles are composed of small grains bonded by a binding material such as iron oxide, quartz or calcite. Sandstone tiles work well in the Australian climate as they take heat and the cold weather very well. Sandstone comes in a range of colours and textures. Sandstone gives you your own personal style and gives a great effect.

Slate Tiles
Slate tiles are one of the most versatile coverings. They can be used in every part of the home. Slate is very durable and stain resistant. Slate brings a unique look to a home.

Glass Mosaic Tiles
Glass mosaics are very durable, dense and impenetrable. Glass mosaics do not stain, they require very little maintenance and very easy to clean. Glass mosaic brings beauty and creativity to your home.

Grout & Tile Aerosol Sealer
-       Quick Drying
-       Dries Invisible
-       Handy 300 gram can.

THE ORIGINAL WORLD IS FIRST!! Seals grout lines between glazed ceramic tiles to protect against oil and water-based strains. Overspray is not a problem as SureSeal dries invisible. It is quick drying and is ideal for use on bench tops, bathroom and shower recesses, small floor areas on all types of grout, unglazed tile and masonry surfaces. Seals damp/wet grout within 20 minutes of installation, as well as dry grout.

Gold Label Impregnator
-       Superior Protection
-       Natural Finish
-       Available in 1 litre, 4 litre and 20 litre containers.

Helps provide durable, long-lasting protection of the treat surfaces against both oil and water- based stains while retaining the natural look of the substrate. Will not yellow, peel, whiten, or flake off the treated surfaces. Suitable for all types of unglazed tile and masonry surfaces, including (damp/wet or dry) grout lines, quarry tile, sandstone, terracotta, limestone, stucco, architectural concrete, precast stone, brick, porcelain, marble and granite.

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